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The University of Arizona providing premiere education with diverse environment with the aim to discover, educate, serve and inspire. It was established in 1885 as the first university in the state, it is located at Tuscan city, Arizona, USA. High quality education, discovery through research, making leaders and solving societal problems are one of the few defining attributes of the University of Arizona (UA). University of Arizona provides prospective students an opportunity to choose from diverse 334 fields of study leading to bachelors, masters, doctoral and professional degrees.

UA encloses 3 campuses that are divided in to 20 colleges and 11 schools over 380 acres of land. One of the best and nation’s top degree programs are being held at UA. The degree courses ranges from planetary sciences to medicine to the arts and most of them are ranked at the top both nationally and internationally. UA ranks among top 150 universities of the world and it is among top 20 public universities in USA. Currently 29,719 undergraduates, 6,962 graduates and 1,376 professional and medical students are getting the premier education at the University of Arizona.

Strengthening the environment of wellbeing and healthy society, UA contributes by having state of the art fitness clubs, sports clubs and adventure clubs. It also facilitates students to participate in different cultural, arts, and music societies hence promoting the air of unity and togetherness among students, staff and faculty members while away from their homes. Different clubs and societies are also promoting sustainability projects and green environment, this is the reason Tuscan is the oldest continually maintained green space in Arizona.

University of Arizona is proud to claim that they provide financial help to students by administering employment, different financial aids and scholarship programs. 72% of freshman receives financial aid, and over 65 million US Dollar is distributed in three quarters among UA students in terms of need based and financial aids. UA gives insight to the real world experiences while giving employment opportunities to their 8,000 students approximately per year. UA received distinctions while collaborating with international community and providing opportunities to international scholars and students to enhance the learning experiences with sharing. It is still continuing to provide excellence in global engagement, and maintains its status of producing high numbers of Fulbright Scholars from all over the world.

It is also ranked as University having High Research Activity (RU/HV) by Carnegie Foundation, it infuses billions of dollars into the state economy every year, and about 625 million US Dollars are being currently generated by UA. No doubt its Noble and Pulitzer Prize winner faculty, esteemed professionals in different disciplines and students has brought the name to the University of Arizona. It is because, UA is recognized as one of the most prestigious highly accredited institute in United States of America.


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