University twig online planner is designed

to make your study life easier.

With University twig planner you can

Manage Classes

Create your timetable and manage your classes

Record Marks

Create and keep records of all your marks

Manage Exams Dates

Keep all your important exams dates and get reminder before the start time

Manage Assignments

Create homework, assignments and get deadlines reminder

Create To Do List

Create and manage your task online

Manage Revision TimeTable

Create your revision timetable, organise your revision and get reminders

Journey Planner

Create, manange your journey time and get reminders

Benefits of Using an Online Student Planner

A student planner is an essential tool, a necessity in order to keep track of all commitments and deadlines. However, planners alone will not lead to your success in time management. It is getting in the habit of carrying one, using one, and inputting all relevant information that will be your key to academic success. There are a number of students who are already habituated to this practice of carrying a planner; however, some find it a struggle to use this organizational tool to their advantage. The key is to make your planner an item that you always carry with you. Here’s how you can benefit from an online student planner.

1. Your planner will be more accessible. It exists after all for portability; to travel with you to and from your institution. Instead of picking a bulky notebook to drag around to class, maybe you could just get a planner on one of your electronic devices that’s always with you?
2. Sync all your data between a range of devices. Perhaps you like working on your computer and inputting all your information on your desktop, however you can’t carry it around with you. The simple solution is to just get an application on your phone.

3. Imagine a scenario where you lose your planner. All your dates and information are lost.You can go ahead and ask around your institution and ask your peers for all the lost information, but would you have lost anything if all your data was synced online?

One major benefit of using an online planner is that all your data is backed up.
Even with an eidetic memory, it’s guaranteed that with the help of an online student planner your organization will improve to some extent.

If you’re going to use a student planner at all, make sure it’s Universitytwig's planner .