May 7 2015

UniversityTwig is the Wikipedia of Colleges

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If you’re a prospective college student, you are probably considering several schools at the moment, trying to figure out which one of them is best for you.  Maybe you’re considering staying local, maybe you’d rather get out of your comfort zone and travel to a different state, or maybe even a different country!

UniversityTwig can be a valuable resource for you to explore during your college search, as the site alphabetically lists all of the universities that you can consider for the next step on your educational path, complete with a description of each.  You can also see at a glance if the school in question has received any comments from posters who can perhaps add more information to the description to paint a better picture of the school in question.


Schools are broken down in terms of a short historical background, as well as how to apply, cost of tuition and available financial aid, what to expect from student life on campus, features of the campus itself, and some of the more notable alumni who have graduated from each school.


In addition to the textual descriptions of each school, UniversityTwig provides each school’s location at a quick glance with an interactive Google Map pointing out exactly where in the world the university is located.  Contact details, such as an address and phone number, are also provided under a separate tab.


Each school’s page also includes a tab highlighting past reviews that have been left for the school, as well as a tab showcasing some of the more prominent courses that each university has to offer.  So if you’re looking to major in, for example, biology, you can see if your top five schools offer courses related to that subject without having to do any further research.


Fees for both Undergraduate and Graduate courses of study are also provided under a separate tab, including prices for those living locally and those incorporating overseas travel into their costs, as well as the separate fees accompanying accommodations.


You can also peruse photos of each school’s campus, including the grounds and the dorms, on each school’s page on UniversityTwig.  You can also “Like” or “Dislike” each school by voting for it with either the thumbs up or thumbs down button, and you can see the overall reputation for the school based on the how many stars it receives in the “Student Satisfaction” bar.


Each school’s page also displays a “Student Rating” bar that measures in percentages just how happy current and past students are and were with each school.  So if a school you were interested in only shows 73% on their Student Satisfaction bar, you may opt to more thoroughly investigate a school that you weren’t previously considering and that may be located a little further away than you were aiming for but that scored much higher on its Student Satisfaction bar.


UniversityTwig’s list of colleges and universities essentially acts as a Wikipedia for colleges.  Spending a couple of hours on this page where all you need to know is in one place, as opposed to not knowing where to start with your internet research and potentially getting frustrated in the process, can give you the confidence and information you need in order to settle on your dream college.