Feb 16 2015

The Top Educational Blogs, According to Teach.com

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Teach.com’s “Teach 100” section of their website ranks and scores educational blogs on the web. Clicking on the blog’s link will bring you to a page where Teach.com lists the most recent posts the blog has made, as well as the most recent comments that have been made to that blog.

They also offer the code for a badge so that if you happen to own the blog that they have ranked, you can post their ranking as a badge on your blog.


Here are some of the top educational blogs that Teach.com features on their site:


  1. Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo


Ferlazzo is an award-winning teacher of both English and Social Studies at the Luther Burbank High School, which is locate in Sacramento, California.  His blog answers readers’ questions on subjects like classroom management and lesson planning.


  1. Justin Tarte – Life of an Educator


Justin Tarte is the Director of Curriculum and Support Services in the Union R-XI School District, located in Union, Missouri.  His blog tackles everything from teachers who feel they have grading problems to what makes good teachers stick around and not quit.


  1. Cool Cat Teacher Blog


Vicki Davis is the educator behind the Cool Cat Teacher Blog, and she totes herself as a “real teacher” who can help you be “really amazing.”  She helps folks with topics ranging from app programming to “What to Do When Someone Hates You,” one of her most-read articles of 2014.


  1. Edudemic


Edudemic combines educational topics with fun, incorporating “listicles” (like “5 Ways to Keep Creativity Alive in Your Common Core English Class”) and articles displaying innovation in learning, like making educational courses out of games like Minecraft and The Sims.


  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education


Despite having a serious-sounding name, The Chronicle of Higher Education hosts articles that sound less stuffy and more like the entertainment section of Huffington Post.  Some examples include “Even with Legal Marijuana, Researchers Can’t Score a Supply” and “Facebook Addiction and GPA.”


  1. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


The Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog puts the latest gadgets and gizmos into the hands of education, whether they’re educating teachers on how to use Dropbox or posting about how to use your computer to control your iPad.


  1. Alan Singer (Huffington Post)


Alan Singer, a blogger for Huffington Post, is also a social studies educator at Hofstra University on Long Island.  In his blog, Singer offers his opinion on the latest to affect the educational community, like Common Core and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “War Against Teachers.”


  1. David Truss :: Pair-A-Dimes for Your Thoughts


David Truss is an educator (specifically a Vice Principal) who is married to another educator.  He works with the Learning Innovations Network Coquitlam (LINC) for School District #43 in Coquitlam, BC, Canada.  Truss’ blog gives tips (like taking better notes) and encourages folks to weigh in on the educational issues that really matter, like the teacher dispute going on at his school.


  1. Math Coach’s Corner


Donna Boucher is a math instructional coach with over 20 years of experience.  Boucher uses her blog as a tool for showing people how they can make the subject of math more fun.


  1. A Principal’s Reflections


Eric Sheninger is the author of the blog “A Principal’s Reflections.”  In it, Sheninger explores the ways in which schools can become more modernized via digital tools.  Sheninger is more interested in what the schools of tomorrow can be, rather than on what the schools in the past have been.