Mar 11 2015

The Benefits of Using Online Flash Card Makers

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Some folks may find that using flash cards is the best way to help them memorize terms and definitions before the big test.  Flash cards have become an invaluable study resource, whether you’re trying to remember math formulas, word translations, or dates and events – it is truly possible to find a use for flash cards in any subject. 

While back in the day, flash cards were created with some paper, scissors, and a marker, just like everything else, you can now easily create flash cards online.


Here are a few ways in which Online Flash Card Makers can be significantly beneficial to your educational career.


  1. You Can Study from Virtually Anywhere


Whether you’re on spring break and your test is weeks away, or you’re on the school bus the morning of the big day, your flash cards are just a click of your phone’s browser away.  Now you don’t have to pull out a bunch of cards that will fly around and get lost in the wind.  Everything is safely stored online, ready and waiting for you to access it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  1. You Don’t Have to Decode Your Own Handwriting


Have you ever been in a rush when you wrote out your flash cards, only to try and figure out later on just what it was exactly that you wrote?  The beauty of online flash card makers is that they do the work for you.  Now your friend can easily quiz you too without having to continuously stop and ask you what it was that you wrote down.


  1. They’re Better for the Environment


One of the ways in which you can fight to have a healthier planet is by reducing your usage of paper.  And there’s no better way to save paper than to go digital in any which way you can.  That also includes flash cards.  By not using the paper to make what could be dozens of batches of flash cards and by working online instead, you’re still getting the same benefits of the studying experience while also going green in the process.


  1. They’re Easy to Share


Do you have a lot of friends in one of your classes who could all benefit from your online flash cards?  Simply create a group or forum on a social media platform and post the link.  Now you can help out more people at once than if you were to simply pass around a rubber band-bound package of (potentially poorly) handwritten flash cards that perhaps only one person could use at a time.


  1. They’re a Time-Saver


Many folks find it much faster to type something out than to handwrite it.  Creating flash cards online saves you the trouble of writing them out.  Plus, as an added bonus, you don’t have to contend with being able to see the answer through the paper, as is often the case with flash cards written in marker.


Check out UniversityTwig’s online flash card maker – all it takes is a quick sign-up and you’re in!