Feb 10 2015

College Hacks: Student Planner to Make College Easier

Is college life starting to drag you down? After a couple of years at college, most people end up having trouble remembering how many assignments they have left. College planners get clogged with notes (decipherable only by doctors) right up to the margins


Feb 8 2015

Better memorization with Flash Cards

As we get older (and supposedly wiser), we seem to forget things quicker than we pick up on new ones and we find ourselves desperately trying to memorize the vast amounts of information we require to secure a respectable college degree.


Jan 29 2015

How to Avoid Overwhelming Student Debt

Most students will face some form of debt or student loan in the duration of their college career. It’s more than likely that as a college student you will end up with student debt. When you’ve finally graduated and it’s time to start paying the bills,


Jan 26 2015

10 Back to School Tips for Students

As winter break passes by in a rather frosty blur, we find ourselves being slowly pushed to acknowledge a seemingly unavoidable time in our existences: the time we all go back to school. Sounds positively dreadful doesn’t it?


Jan 21 2015

Scholarships Available in the Field of Nanoscience

If you are, or are going to become, a nanoscience major, there are several scholarships available that you may be able to utilize so as to lessen the financial burden that comes with getting a good education.


Jan 19 2015

Job Opportunities for Water Science Majors

If you have an interest in pursuing a degree in Water Science, you may be curious as to what kinds of jobs are available for such a discipline once you graduate.  It may be helpful to have an idea of what it is exactly


Jan 12 2015

Tips to Help the First Year of University Life Go Smoothly

Starting college can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking time.  It’s great to be in the next stage of your life, but you might be worried about getting great grades and making good friends.  Here are a few tips to help that first year of university life go a bit more smoothly:


Jan 5 2015

Yiddish Programs for College Students

If you are interested in pursuing Yiddish studies, then you are in luck.  Yiddish programs are making a comeback in schools across the country, particularly Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, to name a couple. Read More >>

Jan 2 2015

Top 20 Places to Study Abroad in 2015

College is about a lot more than becoming an expert in your chosen field. It’s the experience, the coming-of-age that you will value above all else, and knowing yourself while spending time away from home. It may well be that you will spend Read More >>

Dec 29 2014

5 Things Final Year Students should be doing

The final year of college is like the last one hundred meter dash to the finishing line of a marathon. Final year students find themselves in a position where they are mentally and physically drained out. As a result, final year students Read More >>