Apr 2 2015

How to Make Flashcards Online

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In addition to University Twig, there are several other websites that provide you with the opportunity to make your own flashcards.  Flashcards have been a successful study aid for decades, and they can be used for any subject – even math!  While subjects like social studies and science tend to be packed with terms that require memorizing of their definitions,

math consists of formulas that can be started on one side of a flashcard and finished on the opposite side.  You know that if you can make it work with math, then it can work with just about anything else.


Every website has a different method to help you make your own flashcards.  Here are a few in particular.




KitzKiks offers a super-simple method for making your own flashcards online.  You simply enter what the question will be in the space on the left, and then what the answer will be in the space on the right.  You keep going until you run out of questions, hitting the “More” button as you need to add more entries.  Then, once complete, you press the “PDF” button to transfer the questions and answers into a PDF sheet, which can then be printed out and cut apart.  There is also an “Import” button, should you need to do an advanced text editing of a large number of cards.




Cram lets you choose from nearly 100 million pre-made flashcards to study, or you can create your own.  For the latter, you simply enter the title of your set and a description of the subject, followed by which subjects they will cover and whether you want access to the cards to be public or private.  Then you get creating!  Selecting the public option allows fellow students to then use the flashcards that you have made to help them study their own topics, so it’s like you’re giving back to the community while also creating your own study aid in the process.


Flashcard Machine


Flashcard Machine pretty much accomplishes what is right there in the title – it cranks out flashcards.  Unlike other sites, you will need to register before using their tools.  Once you have set up an account, you can then create flashcards and, like Cram, you can also share them with your peers.  Flashcard Machine also allows teachers to create flashcards for their students, and there is even an option for professionals to create flashcards as well.  Need to pass that certification exam or recall important events of a court case?  Flashcards can help!




StudyBlue has over 250 million pieces of study material on their site in subjects ranging from Arts & Literature and Business to Professional (like bartending, cosmetology, and law) and Test Prep.  Best of all, if you don’t see the particular set of flashcards that you need, you can customize a set right from your very own phone!  (Is there anything phones can’t do nowadays?)



So there you have it.  These are only a few of several websites out there that are designed to help you either create your own flashcards, or choose from several pre-printed cards that have helped other students and professionals like you.