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May 26 2015

30 Revision Tips

The big test is coming up, and you need to carve some time out of your busy schedule to revise the material.  These 30 revision tips can help you better retain the information not only for your next test but also for your exams going forward.  You may just find that revising can even be fun once you take away the apprehension.


Jan 2 2015

Top 20 Places to Study Abroad in 2015

College is about a lot more than becoming an expert in your chosen field. It’s the experience, the coming-of-age that you will value above all else, and knowing yourself while spending time away from home. It may well be that you will spend Read More >>

Dec 15 2014

Tips for Students Interested in Studying Abroad

When trying to decide on which college to attend, some students decide to study abroad.  This may sound equally overwhelming and exciting, and you may have heard from those who have spent some time overseas that it was the experience of a lifetime.


Dec 11 2014

Is a Postgraduate Degree Right for You?

One investment that you can always bank on is a postgraduate degree.  It never hurts to have more of an education, but you may still be trying to decide if taking on the extra debt is worth the additional degree, especially if you’re still paying off your undergraduate loans.


Dec 1 2014

First-Year Students and the Importance of School Selection

If you are almost out of high school and about to become a first-year college student, you’re probably carefully weighing your options right now as to which school you would like to attend in order to obtain your undergraduate degree.

This can be one of the most important decisions you ever make, Read More >>

Nov 26 2014

How NOT to Choose the Right University

Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life.  While it isn’t anything to stress out over and picking out universities should be a fun experience, here are a few ways that you shouldn’t make your decision:


Nov 24 2014

Top 5 Things Students Look for in a University

When you’re getting ready to apply to a University, here are 5 things that you can look for.

  1. Academics

This one is fairly obvious.  The biggest reason you’re at University is to further your education, so the first thing you should be looking for is to see if it’s academically compatible for you. Read More >>

Nov 10 2014

University Review: By Students, for Students

Universities spend millions of dollars each year to try and get the best and the brightest to apply there.  Visiting all of these universities can be time consuming and expensive, and it’s hard to make the right choice based just off the advertising materials that the university provides.  UniTwig offers University Review so that you can get information about the universities straight from other students like yourself.


Nov 6 2014

10 Important things to Consider When choosing a University

10. What are your goals?

Before you even begin to choose a university or a major, stop and think what it is you want to do after graduation day.  A college degree is so much more than a ticket to a job, but if you want to go into any kind of technical or engineering field, having a degree in one of those areas is a requirement.  The same goes with any kind of specialized field like nursing.  More likely than not your first two years you’ll be taking prerequisite courses, but if you already have a specific goal in mind, be sure to look into that University first to see if they offer the program you’re looking for.


Nov 6 2014

Don’t know what course to do at university?

Trying to figure out which classes to take each semester can be daunting.  Even once you’ve decided on a major the options can seem endless, and when you’re still finding your way it’s difficult to figure out which classes are best for you.

If you ever find yourself asking “which class should I take this semester?” then a good place to start is your college counselor’s office.  They can help guide you towards a particular major based on your interests, and also advise you on the most efficient way for you to complete your major.  After all, you want to get your degree and get out there, right?