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May 26 2015

30 Revision Tips

The big test is coming up, and you need to carve some time out of your busy schedule to revise the material.  These 30 revision tips can help you better retain the information not only for your next test but also for your exams going forward.  You may just find that revising can even be fun once you take away the apprehension.


Apr 2 2015

How to Make Flashcards Online

In addition to University Twig, there are several other websites that provide you with the opportunity to make your own flashcards.  Flashcards have been a successful study aid for decades, and they can be used for any subject – even math!  While subjects like social studies and science tend to be packed with terms that require memorizing of their definitions,


Mar 11 2015

The Benefits of Using Online Flash Card Makers

Some folks may find that using flash cards is the best way to help them memorize terms and definitions before the big test.  Flash cards have become an invaluable study resource, whether you’re trying to remember math formulas, word translations, or dates and events – it is truly possible to find a use for flash cards in any subject.  Read More >>

Dec 29 2014

5 Things Final Year Students should be doing

The final year of college is like the last one hundred meter dash to the finishing line of a marathon. Final year students find themselves in a position where they are mentally and physically drained out. As a result, final year students Read More >>

Dec 15 2014

Tips for Students Interested in Studying Abroad

When trying to decide on which college to attend, some students decide to study abroad.  This may sound equally overwhelming and exciting, and you may have heard from those who have spent some time overseas that it was the experience of a lifetime.


Dec 1 2014

First-Year Students and the Importance of School Selection

If you are almost out of high school and about to become a first-year college student, you’re probably carefully weighing your options right now as to which school you would like to attend in order to obtain your undergraduate degree.

This can be one of the most important decisions you ever make, Read More >>