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May 26 2015

30 Revision Tips

The big test is coming up, and you need to carve some time out of your busy schedule to revise the material.  These 30 revision tips can help you better retain the information not only for your next test but also for your exams going forward.  You may just find that revising can even be fun once you take away the apprehension.


May 12 2015

The Best Ways to Make Notes

Note-taking is one of the most important skills a student has at his or her disposal, so it is therefore crucial to know how to do it effectively to both maximize your time and your efforts.  Here are some tips that can make note-taking a more successful practice.


May 7 2015

UniversityTwig is the Wikipedia of Colleges

If you’re a prospective college student, you are probably considering several schools at the moment, trying to figure out which one of them is best for you.  Maybe you’re considering staying local, maybe you’d rather get out of your comfort zone and travel to a different state, or maybe even a different country! Read More >>

Apr 2 2015

How to Make Flashcards Online

In addition to University Twig, there are several other websites that provide you with the opportunity to make your own flashcards.  Flashcards have been a successful study aid for decades, and they can be used for any subject – even math!  While subjects like social studies and science tend to be packed with terms that require memorizing of their definitions,


Mar 16 2015

How to Make a Student Planner

If you’re the type of person who can better gather your thoughts when they’re on paper, then you may benefit from using a student planner.  Here are some tips on how you can create your very own student planner from scratch.


Mar 11 2015

The Benefits of Using Online Flash Card Makers

Some folks may find that using flash cards is the best way to help them memorize terms and definitions before the big test.  Flash cards have become an invaluable study resource, whether you’re trying to remember math formulas, word translations, or dates and events – it is truly possible to find a use for flash cards in any subject.  Read More >>

Mar 2 2015

The Art of Planning : To Do List to Get it All Done

The monotonous ticking of the clock does little justice to the true speed with which time passes. Even though physicists have spent decades in research, I believe that the only people who truly understand the frightening, almost nauseating speed of time are college students.


Feb 18 2015

The Benefits of an Online Student Planner

Nowadays, everything is digital, even student planners.  Gone are the days when we would have to add planners to our list of school supplies on our annual run to the office supply store.  Now, keeping track of your life is much simpler,


Feb 10 2015

College Hacks: Student Planner to Make College Easier

Is college life starting to drag you down? After a couple of years at college, most people end up having trouble remembering how many assignments they have left. College planners get clogged with notes (decipherable only by doctors) right up to the margins


Feb 8 2015

Better memorization with Flash Cards

As we get older (and supposedly wiser), we seem to forget things quicker than we pick up on new ones and we find ourselves desperately trying to memorize the vast amounts of information we require to secure a respectable college degree.