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Feb 16 2015

The Top Educational Blogs, According to’s “Teach 100” section of their website ranks and scores educational blogs on the web. Clicking on the blog’s link will bring you to a page where lists the most recent posts the blog has made, as well as the most recent comments that have been made to that blog.


Jan 21 2015

Scholarships Available in the Field of Nanoscience

If you are, or are going to become, a nanoscience major, there are several scholarships available that you may be able to utilize so as to lessen the financial burden that comes with getting a good education.


Jan 19 2015

Job Opportunities for Water Science Majors

If you have an interest in pursuing a degree in Water Science, you may be curious as to what kinds of jobs are available for such a discipline once you graduate.  It may be helpful to have an idea of what it is exactly


Jan 5 2015

Yiddish Programs for College Students

If you are interested in pursuing Yiddish studies, then you are in luck.  Yiddish programs are making a comeback in schools across the country, particularly Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, to name a couple. Read More >>

Jan 2 2015

Top 20 Places to Study Abroad in 2015

College is about a lot more than becoming an expert in your chosen field. It’s the experience, the coming-of-age that you will value above all else, and knowing yourself while spending time away from home. It may well be that you will spend Read More >>

Dec 11 2014

Is a Postgraduate Degree Right for You?

One investment that you can always bank on is a postgraduate degree.  It never hurts to have more of an education, but you may still be trying to decide if taking on the extra debt is worth the additional degree, especially if you’re still paying off your undergraduate loans.


Dec 8 2014

Everything you need to know about Academic Freedom

What is Academic Freedom?

The word academic freedom has no underlying meaning to it. It means exactly what it sounds like. The liberty to gain and impart knowledge without any restrictions or censorship from any governing body is referred to as academic freedom. Read More >>

Nov 19 2014

I Got a Degree in Liberal Arts, Now What?

Many people will tell you that there is no point in getting a liberal arts degree; it is essentially a degree in nothing.  “Basketweaving” is a common joke thrown at liberal arts majors.  However, thousands of people graduate with them every year.  Here’s a few tips on how to make the most out of your degree:


Nov 6 2014

Don’t know what course to do at university?

Trying to figure out which classes to take each semester can be daunting.  Even once you’ve decided on a major the options can seem endless, and when you’re still finding your way it’s difficult to figure out which classes are best for you.

If you ever find yourself asking “which class should I take this semester?” then a good place to start is your college counselor’s office.  They can help guide you towards a particular major based on your interests, and also advise you on the most efficient way for you to complete your major.  After all, you want to get your degree and get out there, right?


Nov 6 2014

Reviews of student writers: Lucrative ways of sharing information

So what if the next few lines you are going to write as a student writer also give you an extra premium, what if the next review you are going to do, makes the admission in a university or sales of the product outshine, what if the next vivid thought you have could be an innovative idea of becoming a millionaire (well that may be a bit too much to ask for….but what if!)

A Student writer has its share of strain and hard work. Earning seems harder, either it’s earning credits for study courses or earning bucks for living. Especially in this competitive era where technical writers, bloggers are playing big, the stream of earnings for a student writer has its ups and downs.