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Feb 23 2015

Everything You Need to Know About a Packaging Degree

A packaging degree is certainly one that you may want to consider if you have an interest in the field.  Simply put, according to a survey conducted on 2009 graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s packaging program, 95 percent of packaging graduates were able to find employment and 90 percent of those graduates found employment in a field related to their major.


Jan 21 2015

Scholarships Available in the Field of Nanoscience

If you are, or are going to become, a nanoscience major, there are several scholarships available that you may be able to utilize so as to lessen the financial burden that comes with getting a good education.


Jan 19 2015

Job Opportunities for Water Science Majors

If you have an interest in pursuing a degree in Water Science, you may be curious as to what kinds of jobs are available for such a discipline once you graduate.  It may be helpful to have an idea of what it is exactly


Jan 5 2015

Yiddish Programs for College Students

If you are interested in pursuing Yiddish studies, then you are in luck.  Yiddish programs are making a comeback in schools across the country, particularly Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, to name a couple. Read More >>

Dec 11 2014

Is a Postgraduate Degree Right for You?

One investment that you can always bank on is a postgraduate degree.  It never hurts to have more of an education, but you may still be trying to decide if taking on the extra debt is worth the additional degree, especially if you’re still paying off your undergraduate loans.


Dec 3 2014

Top 5 British Business Schools for Undergraduate Degree in 2015

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most prominent locations for higher education. The UK harbours some of the oldest and most renowned universities that we know today. In the UK, undergraduate studies are an integral part of the higher education system. A lot of these universities specialize in undergraduate degrees in field of business.



Nov 19 2014

I Got a Degree in Liberal Arts, Now What?

Many people will tell you that there is no point in getting a liberal arts degree; it is essentially a degree in nothing.  “Basketweaving” is a common joke thrown at liberal arts majors.  However, thousands of people graduate with them every year.  Here’s a few tips on how to make the most out of your degree: