Feb 18 2015

The Benefits of an Online Student Planner

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Nowadays, everything is digital, even student planners.  Gone are the days when we would have to add planners to our list of school supplies on our annual run to the office supply store.  Now, keeping track of your life is much simpler,

and it’s all in one place online, so it can’t be misplaced!

Here are some ways in which UniversityTwig’s online student planner can give you the help you didn’t even know you needed (and that you may soon discover that you now can’t live without!):


–           Manage Classes

While you may not need this tool as much at the end of the year as you will at the beginning, you can use the “Manage Classes” tool to keep track of how many classes you have, what they are, and when they take place.  This way, if you want to go to that party on Friday or work that part-time job in between classes, you’ll know exactly where and when you can fit these things into your schedule.


–           Record Marks

With the planner’s “Record Marks” feature, you can keep all of your grades in one place.  Now you won’t have to rely on your memory to recall what your grade was last year in Economics (even if that’s a grade you’d rather forget!).  Now you can see at a glance which classes need improvement based on the exam grades you’ve received thus far in that quarter.


–           Manage Exam Dates

Whether it’s finals week or you have that one professor who insists on giving weekly quizzes, now you can mark down in your planner when all of your exams are in the “Manage Exam Dates” section.  With this tool, you can plan in advance which topics you need to study and what subjects you need to pay attention to first.  You may have been all set to study Chemistry, but if the test isn’t until November and your Statistics test is in October, now you’ll know that studying for Statistics takes precedence.


–           Manage Assignments

While “the dog ate my homework” might be a more acceptable excuse for grade school (and probably not even then), it surely won’t fly in college.  That’s why the “Manage Assignments” section can be a big help in letting you keep track of when that paper is due so you won’t lose the grade by forgetting to turn it in.  Being aware of when things are due and getting them done early frees up your schedule for less procrastination and more fun!


–           Create To-Do List

Unlike much of the other tools on this list, the planner’s “Create To-Do List” tab can help you keep track of everything else -after all, school isn’t your only commitment.  Keep forgetting to run to the laundromat or to pick up milk for breakfast?  Use this feature to help you keep the rest of your life in order, allowing you to pay closer attention to the more important issues (like exams).